We provide services in several key areas: survey sampling and survey research, information systems architecture and design, and engineering. Our senior staff members have 10 or more years of experience in these areas and have consulted with clients in the US and Europe in the government and the private sector.

Each service area is described briefly in the links and below.

Statistics, survey sampling and operations research

Information systems


Statistics, survey sampling and operations research methods help you define direction. They give you information with which to plan future actions. They help an organization evolve and develop.

Information technology can provide better ways to communicate with employees, customers, and suppliers. It can also offer ways to increase productivity without raising overhead or fixed costs. But, the technology must be appropriate to your organization, proven in the market place, and well designed and developed. If any of these conditions are not the case, organizations can spend valuable dollars as well as staff resources without much benefit.

Engineering is about changing the way the world is through identification, analysis, construction, installation, and followup.