Statistics, Survey Sampling and Operations Research

Analytical methods such as those employed in statistics and operations research can be used to address business problems, evaluate processes, and methods, and develop new products.  Both the disciplines of statistics and OR provide a scientific approach to investigation and decision making.  Statistics can describe existing situations and events while operations research can describe via models and simulations what may occur, how best to operate a system, and under conditions requiring the allocation of scare resources.

Our operations research analysts and statisticians assist clients first, in formulating problems in terms indicating whether and how quantitative information might be useful, second, in identifying data, tools or investigations with which to describe the problem, and third, in evaluating the information.

We have experience in survey sampling, sampling of administrative records, design of clinical trials, and the modelling of systems in industry sectors including oil and gas, transportation, shipping, health, food safety, public utilities, IT, and telecom.

And " ... the test of talent in management is ability to perceive and to formulate questions that if answered would help to find out what is wrong or would improve the business ... " (W. Edwards Deming).